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The Hillbilly Bears

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



William Hanna and Joseph Barbera



Paw, Maw, Floral and Shag Rugg are a family of bears who live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Paw Rugg is the mumbling, gun-loving father who spends his time firing bullets back and forth to the neighbours, the Hoppers. Paw isn’t very sophisticated and often incomprehensible. Little Shag Rugg very much looks up to his father and is nothing but a troublemaker. Luckily the family’s daughter Floral is nothing like Paw: she has lemon-colored fur and is very articulate and well-behaved, a real Southern Belle!

Who are the main characters of The Hillbilly Bears?

Grandpa Rugg: He sometimes comes to visit, mainly to be able to shoot some Hoppers.
Paw Rugg: The patriarch of the Hillbilly Bear family, he is a lovable oaf. He is gun-wielding and mumbling character.
Floral Rugg: The daughter of the Hillbilly Bear family, she is very beautiful and sophisticated.
Shaggy Rugg: The son of the Hillbilly Bear family, he is a real troublemaker.
Maw Rugg: She is Paw's wife. She is a homemaker and more intelligent then her husband.
Mayor: The mayor of the hillbilly bears' town, he is a kind and helpful leader.
Sheriff: The sheriff of the hillbilly bears' town, he is a fair and just lawman.
Claude: He is the Hoppers' son and Floral's love interest.
Farmer: The town farmer, he is a hard-working and honest man.
The Hoppers: They are the Rugg's neighbours. They shoot bullets back and forth between them.

Production studio: Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

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