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The Kwicky Koala Show

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Tex Avery



Kwicky Koala must run for his life: Wilford Wolf wants to catch him! Luckily, Kwicky Koala is a super-speedy runner. With a “beep”, he vanishes into thin air, leaving Wilford Wolf far behind. The Kwicky Koala Show contains four different segments. Apart from “Kwicky Koala”, there’s also “The Bungle Brothers”, “Crazy Claws” and “Dirty Dawg”.

Who are the main characters of The Kwicky Koala Show?

Kwicky Koala: a koala who uses his super-speed to escape pursuer Wilford Wolf.
Wilford Wolf: a wolf who would like nothing more than to catch Kwicky Koala, but who's too slow.
The Bungle Brothers: beagles who seek vaudeville stardom.
Crazy Claws: a wildcat who uses his sharp wits and claws to evade fur trapper Rawhide Clyde and his dog Bristletooth.
Dirty Dawg: a vagrant Labrador Retriever who seeks to improve life for himself and his friend Ratso the Rat while staying ahead of police officer Officer Bullhorn.

Production studio: Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

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