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Joshua Fisher and Michael O’Hare



Young Rusty Rivets lives in Sparkton Hills with his friends Ruby Ramirez, Botasaur the robot dinosaur and the Bits, a group of small rescue robots. Rusty and his team are very skilled and handy, they can invent their way out of any tricky situation. They are great engineers, who can reuse parts of any machine and reassemble them to create new gadgets. Rusty’s catchphrase is “Modify, costumize, Rustify!”.

Who are the main characters of Rusty Rivets?

Rusty Rivets: A young boy who's an engineer. He works from his own mobile laboratory in a recycling yard, where he finds all necessary scrap materials.
Ruby Ramirez: Rusty's best friend, she is a computer whiz and is always able to help him solve problems.
Botasaur: A friendly black and green dinosaur robot who is Rusty's sidekick.
Frankie Fritz: Rusty and Ruby's rival, who wants to be better than them, even by cheating.
Bytes: Rusty's robotic dog, who can communicate with him by barking.
Frankford: Frankie's robotic skunk, best friend of Bytes.
Kittybot: Ruby's robotic cat, who can communicate by meowing.
Mr. Higgins: The first inventor of Sparkton Hills, Rusty's inspiration.
TigerBot: Rusty's robotic tiger.
ElephantBot: Rusty's robotic elephant.

Production studio: Jam Filled Entertainment

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